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Can I dispute or appeal the forgiveness amount granted by the SBA or a decision by the SBA not to grant forgiveness?

Please review the three options below to see if you are eligible to dispute or appeal your forgiveness decision:

1. If you requested partial forgiveness and received partial forgiveness, please reach out to Scratch at support@scratch.fi with the following information: 

  • SBA Loan Number
  • The amount of correction being requested
  • The reason that the correction is necessary
  • Attach supporting documentation (optional but can be uploaded to support your request) 


2. If you were denied forgiveness in full (i.e., received $0 in forgiveness), you have the right to request that the SBA review our decision if you notify us within 30 days of your forgiveness decision notice and request this review. Full details on that process are in the SBA guidance on pages 53-54 here. Note that this appeal process is only applicable for borrowers who received a full denial of their forgiveness request – $0 in forgiveness – but is not an appeal path for borrowers who requested and received partial forgiveness.


3. If the SBA undertakes an official review of your loan because the SBA determined you were ineligible for your loan, ineligible for loan forgiveness, or disagreed with the forgiveness request we passed to the SBA from you, you are eligible to appeal to the SBA’s Office of Hearings and Appeals (OHA). Please find details about that process here.